Weekly Journal as One Author (Attempts) to Write a New Novel

Join me each Friday as I continue to journal about the process of writing a new book. During November and NaNoWriMo I wrote the first draft. Now it’s time to revise and rework. I’ll share my tips and the process I go through on the way (hopefully!) to making a sale.  

Week 19 Recap

Goal: Continue Rewrites (Third time through is the charm?)

Progress:  Nearly Finished!

This week I had some major help on my book. It came from an expert—but not a writing expert.  It reminded me that sometimes we can all use a little help in crafting our stories, developing our plots and adding some real world flavor to our stories.

My expert?  A police officer.  In the story I’m working on, it’s kind of hard to avoid the cops.  They keep turning up—as they should—and I’ve been doing my best to skim over their involvement and guesstimate what they might do.  I always knew I would have to consult with an officer, but figured that could wait.

I was wrong.

Parts of the plot were starting to worry me.  Was my story even plausible? There was really no way for me to know without talking to a police officer.  So I reached out to friends and family asking everyone I knew if they could refer me to someone who would be willing to answer some questions.  As is turned out, I was sitting on the bleachers at my son’s baseball game on Tuesday when a friend pointed down the row to one of the dads.  “Jeff is Phoenix P.D.”  I had no idea!!  But now it’s Friday and I’ve already spoken with Jeff and instead of questions I now have pages of answers.


Not only did Jeff answer questions I knew I had, he gave me ideas I’d never considered.  I was hoping my story would be possible, but he showed me ways to make it more probable.

So, depending on what kind of story you’re writing, don’t be afraid to ask the experts.  Reach out to the nurses, teachers, police officers, lawyers, doctors, etc. that are a part of your world.  You’ll be surprised, but someone you know always knows someone who knows someone.

Now, I’m back on track and excited again about my story. Also, I just realized I have a niece who is working bio-med in a research lab in California.  She’s exactly the expert help I’ll need for my microbiologist mom.

Keep on writing, everyone!  Are you making progress?  Are you reaching the end of your draft?  Have you already typed “The End?”  If not, don’t be discouraged. No one ever promised this would be easy.  But you will finish your book as long as you DON’T STOP NOW.  And you can trust what I say. In this one thing I am the expert.

Have a great week. :-)



  1. Hi Amy,

    I just wanted to give you adoration, admiration, appreciation, approbation, awe, and respect. It has been truly inspiring to watch you write your way through this story. I know how tough it’s been, and I’ve watched you overcome many obstacles with your amazing talent, imagination, perseverance, and plain old hard work!

    It’s both motivating and a privilege to have this honest, open window into your creative process! Thanks for sharing!


    • Amy Fellner Dominy says:

      Thank you Nate for finding every nice “A” word in the dictionary. I would like to see a new comment next week with nice “B” words, and on and on. :-) This story has been a challenge as you know, but I HOPE that one day the work will pay off and then it will all feel so worth all the angst. (My favorite “A” word.)

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