What’s new? My COVER!

This is one of the most exciting parts of the whole process for me:  Seeing the cover design of my new book!

It’s kind of a crazy thing when you think about it.  I wrote the book, imagined the characters and the setting and each moment as it plays out.  But the image that defines the book, that graces the cover and will likely be the first thing people see—that comes from the mind and the heart of someone else.

What will it be?  Will I like it?

Merry Holidays!

Hard to believe another year has passed–and so quickly.  I’ve been here (off and on) sharing my life as a writer with all of you.  And it seems sometimes that writing and editing and revising is a non-stop job.  But in the end, it IS a job and at this time of year I’m especially reminded that other things are more important.  Family.  Friends.  Time to relax and reflect.  Time to laugh and love.

So, rather than a post on writing, this week I’d simply like post my best wishes for you and your family.  Whatever holiday you celebrate, may it be full of joy.  A peaceful and safe New Year to us all, and to the world in general.

Weekly Journal as One Writer (Attempts) to Write a New Book

Join me each Friday as I continue to journal about the process of writing a new book. Share the ups and downs, witness the progress, learn from the mistakes I make…share your tips and maybe write along with me.  My goal is to develop an idea in October, write the first draft during NaNoWriMo in November, and sleep again in December. 

Week 3 Recap

Goal: Develop my Characters

Progress: One step forward, Two steps back

Prepare yourselves, people.  Next Monday I launch…

My WORST Blog Tour

How best to describe it?  EPIC?  GRANDIOSE?  LIFE-CHANGING?

A tad bit humiliating?

In honor of my new middle grade novel, Audition & Subtraction, I’m about dredge up my worst memories (and photos) of my middle-school years.  Why, you ask?  The truth is, as I was writing Audition & Subtraction, it reminded me of all of my own middle school angst—and the fact that eighth grade could be a difficult time for us all.  Friendships are shifting, romances are beginning to develop, kids are pulling away from their families and everyone is trying to figure out where they fit in to this big picture we call the world.


Giving Birth to a New Book

Say hello to my new baby.

Today is the official release of my new middle grade novel, Audition & Subtraction.  In many ways, it’s my little bundle of joy.

In other ways, not so much.

This baby was not conceived in joy.  In fact, it was conceived in desperation.  I was stuck in another book, floundering, hopeless and depressed–when I decided to try a writing prompt from a magazine. From that prompt, emerged the first thoughts of this book.

And yes, I nurtured the idea to life.  I watched it grow, felt it blossom inside my mind, and saw it take shape on the page.


Thanks to everyone who participated in my cover unveiling this week!  I loved reading the comments and especially got  a kick out of how many of us were in band or played an instrument at one time or another.  So cool!!

I wish I could send a copy of the book to everyone.  Unfortunately, I’ve got one ARC and that means one winner.  And that person is:


CONGRATS Mesa!  I’m sending you an email today to arrange the details.

A huge thanks and shout out to all the bloggers who participated.  I love you guys:

Why Reviewing Books Sucks When You’re an Author

Once upon a time, reviewing a book was pretty straight forward.  I read a book.  I logged on to Goodreads and shared my opinion. End of story.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.)

Then, I became an author and the whole reviewing thing has become a whole lot more complicated–and a whole lot less fun.  Here’s the problem:

1. I know the sting of a harsh opinion.

Seriously Funny

“You need to make her suffer.”

As I spoke these words to a friend today, I caught the horrified glance of an older man sitting at the next table.  No, I wanted to tell him, I’m not a professional hit girl.  I’m an author.

Today was my monthly critique meeting at Wildflower Bakery (highly recommend the new chicken pomegrante salad, by the way), and I was offering my usual variety of advice.

Kill him off.  You’re not in enough trouble.  Can’t you drive her closer to despair?

Class of 2k11 Graduates…Kinda

Class officially began on 11-11-10.  That’s when the Class of 2k11, a group of sixteen debut MG and YA authors, officially went live on the web and with our monthly newsletter.

In fact, we began much earlier.  I joined the group late spring/early summer and there were LITERALLY! 100 emails a day (every day!) as we all tried to agree on what our website should look like, our logo design, our message, our target, what contests should we run, what conferences should be attend, who would do what and when and why.

One Argument for Never Putting Books on Sale

Just a little fun for a Friday. :-)