First Sale Secrets: First Pass Pages

I’m not sure why they call them first pass pages, since this is the last time I get to go through the manuscript.

First pass pages are also called galley proofs, or the proof.  At this point, your manuscript has been through edits (larger content changes), and line edits (nitty gritty grammar fixes and the like.)  The manuscript has been typeset and looks exactly as it will look in the published book.

A proofreader has been through it to check for line breaks and widows, as well as any other errors that have been missed.  Your editor also goes through it one more time.


(This is a repost of a blog I wrote for the Elevensies, an amazing group of authors all debuting in 2011.)

Did I?…wish I had…must write that thing…forgot to…revisions …blog for tomorrow…have to…
(Blinking eyes open.) 2:00a.m.???
NOOOOOO! Not again.

Breathe in…breathe out…breathe in…breathe out…


Alarm goes off.
Pry open eyes with a crescent wrench
Feed dog.
Feed cat.
Yell at teenagers to Get. Up. Now.


Sit down in front of the computer in my office. Try not to disturb the cat.
Check email. Facebook. Elevensies. Class of 2K11. Surf a few blogs. Get distracted. Lose track of time. Crap. I’m late for my workout.

Monday Plan…Revisited

I think it actually worked!

Last Monday, I wrote my plan for the week.  According to experts, expressing your goals OUT LOUD will increase the odds of you reaching them.  As it turns out, it also works if you express your goals in WRITING on the worldwide web.

I accomplished the 3 things I wanted to do!

A Hanukkah Dedication

Tonight is the eighth, and final night of Hanukkah!

For those of you who don’t know much about Hanukkah, it actually means “Dedication” in Hebrew.  Hanukkah celebrates when a small band of Jewish fighters kicked the Greek army’s butt and rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem, about 2,000 years ago.  There was barely any oil to keep the temple’s lamp going, but it lasted 8 days and nights.  Hence the Festival of Lights that is our modern-day Hanukkah.

There are  a few cool things you should know about the holiday.


The Monday Plan

Ready or not, here it is:  Monday. A new week.  Oh goodie.  Oh joy.  Oh no!

I admit it:  Monday mornings are usually full of doom and gloom.  I start the week focused on what I have to do.  The chores and the meetings and the deadlines and the housework and the kid-duties.  (Holiday cards — still not put together and Hanukkah is more than half over!  Laundry…spilling out of the hamper.  75 emails in my inbox.)