Writerly Tip for Tues: When your mind is stuck…

Move your feet.

I’m not sure why this works, but trust me, it does.   If you’re staring at your computer or your notebook and you’re stuck, get up and get moving.

A Writerly Tip for Tuesday

This is a new feature I hope to continue every Tuesday, where I share a writing tip that’s worked for me.   These entries will be short and sweet and cover all sorts of topics–but feel free to ask questions or suggest areas you’re interested in.


End your work for the day with a beginning.

First Sale Secrets: SWAG

When you first write a book, you have a goal:  Sell to a publisher.

Once you sell to a publisher, you discover that you have a new goal:  Sell to everyone else.

This is where things get complicated.  There is a lot involved with marketing a book from having an online presence, to social media, to events and promotions, to industry reviews, to media exposure…  In reality, you’ll tackle these things one step at a time, bit by bit, so it feels manageable.  This month…I’m focusing on one specific area:  SWAG.

Goals for Your Goals

Happy New Year!  It’s week one of 2011—the time for setting goals for the coming year.  Are you a goal-setter?  I’ve read studies that only 5% of adults set goals.  Yet there are also studies that show how important goals are to achieving success and happiness in life.  So why don’t more of us do it?  Maybe because we don’t know the secret to creating them.

What?  You didn’t know there was a secret?  Well, neither did I until two years ago when my hubby and I got into a fight about it.  #1 on my list of goals was to write and finish a manuscript that year. Hubby read that and frowned.