28 Days, 28 Tips: Day 9

February 9, 2017 Leave your thoughts

February is National Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.
In order to shine light on dating abuse, I’m posting 28 Tips for 28 Days. Stop by each day this month and discover stats that may shock you. Tips that can help you. Links that can save a life.
Knowledge and understanding are our best weapons in fighting what has become a silent epidemic among teens!

Day 9, Tip 9:

1.5 million high school students in the US are physically abused by a dating partner. Think it isn’t happening/hasn’t happened to someone you know?  I didn’t. Then I started writing Die for You  and began to hear the stories. Nearly everyone I know has one.

A boyfriend who threatened to drink Drano if she broke up with him.

An uncle who stabbed himself in the thigh when his wife walked out.

A cousin who stayed with a girl even though she was so jealous they had physical fights.

The stories are all different, but the results are the same: one partner controlling the other through fear and manipulation.

Be sure no new stories are being written right now by the people you care about. Talk. Listen. Be a friend. And if it’s your own relationship that has you questioning, then talk it out with someone you trust. Be a friend to yourself.   

#That’sNotLove #KnowTheSigns #TeenDVmonth 

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