Today, a New Species of Dinosaur is Revealed: Cookiesaurus Rex

September 26, 2017 Leave your thoughts
Please help me welcome to the world an ornery, bossy, and otherwise hilarious dinosaur cookie.
Today, Cookiesaurus Rex makes his debut. It still seems a little bit like a dream.
Up until now, I’ve been writing heart-felt young adult novels (which I love) and funny middle grade novels (which I also love) so how did I end up writing about a cookie who calls himself “Prehistoric Perfection?”
It started at a dinner party. (No, there weren’t cookies for dessert.) But there was a guy named Nate Evans. As it turned out, Nate is a picture book author and illustrator so talented that you can find his name attached to over 40 titles. We started talking and when he asked if I’d be interested in trying a collaboration, I didn’t say yes. I said Hell, yes and Can we start now? 
Nate and I began working together about five years ago. The fun thing about picture books is the freedom to explore any and every crazy idea. It’s not like a novel where one wrong turn can take you three months to discover and fix. With picture books you can veer off in every direction and still find your way back in an afternoon.
But just because they’re short, doesn’t mean they’re easy. When Nate and I first cooked up the idea of Cookiesaurus Rex we knew we had something. How? Because we would laugh our butts off while we were brainstorming. I always figured if we could make ourselves laugh, then we could others laugh, too. (See the back cover for a sample of what I mean. I’m betting it’ll put a smile on your face, too.) 🙂
But it took time. About six months to craft 330 words. More than seven versions to find Cookiesaurus’s  unique voice. (Bossy.) And his way of seeing the world. (He loves himself and hopes you will, too.)
And now Cookie is finally out in the world. A dinosaur picture book!Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting
I can’t tell you how many of those I read to my son when he was little. We were both obsessed with dinos! And now, I get to add one to the collection–one that makes me tear up every time I read the dedication to him. In some ways, I feel like I’ve come full circle from that Mom who read to her kids.
I also feel like it’s just the beginning. Cookiesaurus Rex is only just out and he’ll be back again next year in Cookiesaurus Christmas. (Disney, Dec. 2018)
I hope our cookie will earn a place in your heart–and a favorite place on the bookshelf.
Read on for some pictures from the launch event we had last Saturday at Changing Hands Bookstore. A huge thanks to Storybook Kitchen for baking, and to my talented writing partner Nathan Price Evans for making all of this possible. <3

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Decorating dinosaur cookies

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Changing Hands Bookstore…a gathering for the first reading of Cookiesaurus Rex

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