YASH Spring 2018

March 26, 2018 Leave your thoughts

YASH is coming!

What, you ask, is YASH?

The YA Scavenger Hunt is a super cool event where authors share special content you won’t find anywhere else and where you can win books and prizes. There are 120 YA authors participating–and I’m very excited to be a part of it this spring for the first time.

THE HUNT goes from April 3rd to April 8th. There are six different teams and I’m on the

I’ll be featuring my new YA, The FALL of GRACE.  If you like adventure, suspense, road-trips or romance, this book is for you. It releases April 10th which means this is a chance to get a new copy before the rest of the world does!

About the Book:
$45 million dollars are missing. Grace’s mother stands accused. A search for answers leads Grace to a mountain in the wilderness of Colorado. Grace is followed by Sam Rivers, a loner from school, who thinks Grace will lead him to the money. To survive the mountain, the two of them will have to trust each other, but what secrets will they uncover once they reach the top?

The Fall of Grace is one of TWENTY amazing books within the Red Team:

All you have to do is follow the rules of the hunt and you could be the one lucky person who wins them all. Why shouldn’t it be you? 🙂

The other cool thing is that a lot of the authors are running separate giveaways, as well. I’m setting up one right now so you’ll have more chances to get your hands on one of the first copies of The Fall of Grace. 

Everything you need to know about THE HUNT is here: http://www.yash.rocks/

Oh–and you can also click here for a link to all the books being featured:

More coming soon!


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