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Welcome to the world, Grace!

About the Book

The FALL of GRACE is the story of Grace, whose mother is accused of running a financial scam that’s devastated the community. With the FBI investigating and her friends not speaking to her, Grace searches for answers to prove her mother’s innocence. Her journey takes her to the mountains of Colorado. She’s followed by Sam Rivers, a loner from school who thinks she knows where millions of missing dollars are hidden. To make it up the mountain, Grace and Sam must rely on each other to survive. But what secrets wait for them at the top?

Told in chapters that alternate between August (when Grace is on the run) and May (when the FBI begins investigating), the tension builds to what Kirkus calls “a satisfyingly unexpected and realistic ending that will likely surprise readers.”

A Few Advance Reviews: 

“The Fall of Grace is heart-rending and real; readers will laugh and weep as they follow Grace’s journey of anger, guilt, betrayal, love, and the different layers of forgiveness.” —Aprilynne Pike #1 New York Times Bestselling author of Wings and Glitter”

“Poignant. Thoughtful. Heartbreaking and heart-mending.”—Erin Jade Lange, author of Butter

“A…novel of suspense and romance with a wilderness-survival flair.” —Kirkus

“Dominy writes with raw emotion, exploring the impact of revealed family secrets through the lens of a daughter’s fierce love.” —Publishers Weekly

“Clever plot construction, inevitable romance, and Grace’s realistic emotional roller coaster will appeal to fans of Sarah Dessen.” –Booklist

“Grace’s story is a heartbreaking, hopeful, redeeming, thrill-ride of a read. It’s the perfect blend of coming of age, action-thriller, mixed with romance.” —Mundie Moms

The Story Behind the Story

This is the hardest novel I’ve ever written. (What was I thinking trying two different timelines?) It was also quite an adventure to write—literally. In the book, Grace and Sam face a difficult climb up a trail where weather and nature has the potential to be deadly. Rather than invent a mountain, I decided the story would be better if I used a real location and one that I could climb myself. I picked a trail in southern Colorado called Blue Lakes. With Hubby along for the fun, we scouted the trail, crossing streams, balancing over log bridges and even getting “lost” as Grace and Sam do.  We survived the trip. Whether or not Grace and Sam do…well, you’ll have to read the book. 🙂


THE FALL OF GRACE is available wherever books are sold. I hope you’ll buy a copy! It’s recommended for 7th grade and older and has a little something for everyone whether you love action, mystery, suspense, romance or survival. 

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If you’d like a sneak peek of the first chapter, you’ll find it right HERE  

Thanks so much—and happy reading!



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